Portutax Delivers Tax Seminar at Living in the Algarve Event

09 Nov 2023

Vilamoura, Algarve – Vilamoura recently hosted the 'Living in the Algarve' event, organised by the Open Media Group. This event catered to individuals interested in Portugal's expatriate market.

The End of NHR?

Portutax's seminar was one of the sessions at this event, aiming to provide practical information for those interested in some of the fiscal implications and benefits of moving to Portugal. The Portuguese government's recent decision to end its popular Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) scheme was a hot topic due to its direct impact on individuals hoping to relocate to Portugal soon.  

A key feature of the event was the seminar led by the Director of Marketing from the Gibro Group, part of Portutax. David Revagliatte's presentation focused on tax considerations in Portugal and provided a platform for networking. Mr Revagliatte said, "Participating in this event was a great opportunity. Sharing our knowledge on tax matters and meeting new people in this setting was beneficial. We are pleased to guide those considering relocating to the Algarve or starting a business here."

These seminars are helpful for those looking into relocating to the Algarve. They provide a chance to get answers to various questions about moving, including tax information and everyday living advice.

Planning Ahead

Portutax's role in this event highlights its ongoing commitment to supporting expatriates and potential business owners. Their participation in the 'Living in the Algarve' event in Vilamoura underscores their importance in the expatriate community in Portugal.

If you would like to discuss taxation in Portugal, please contact enquiries@gibro.com 

For more details on Portutax and their services, visit Portutax's Website.

See the Living in the Algarve website for upcoming events and seminars. 

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