Fiscal Representation Service

Residents and non-residents with property, a bank account or other ties in Portugal are liable to pay several taxes to the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira, AT).

Appointing a fiscal representative in Portugal ensures your tax affairs are taken care of. They act as your link to the tax office. They will keep you updated of any changes in the law that may affect you.


Portutax can act as your Tax Representative and will be your link to the Portuguese Tax Office. We submit all your tax returns on your behalf and update you on your liabilities clearly and in English.

Peace of mind

As well as the peace of mind that comes with having a tax representative in Spain, we can assess your current position and advise you on operating as efficiently as possible whilst fully complying with the Portuguese tax system.

In summary, the benefits of appointing Portutax as your tax representative:

  • We handle all tax reporting on your behalf
  • Communicates clearly and in English
  • Ensures you operate efficiently and comply with regulations
  • Meet reporting deadlines and avoid fines

You can appoint Portutax for a competitive annual fee which includes a free initial consultation, annual reporting of tax returns and direct liaison with the Portuguese Tax Authorities throughout the year.

Established expertise

For over 20 years, our English-speaking tax experts have built close relationships with relevant tax departments ensuring they have up-to-the-minute, accurate knowledge of Portugal’s fiscal requirements.

Trust Portutax to deliver accurate, professional financial services that provides value and peace of mind.

Rental Returns 

Remember, if you receive monetary income through letting a property in Portugal, you are liable to pay taxes. Contact us today to ensure you comply with the regulations. 


Fiscal representation in Portugal simplifies tax reporting for residents and non-residents by providing a trusted agency to handle all fiscal matters. Portutax offers expertise in navigating Portuguese tax laws and regulations, ensuring that clients comply with their tax obligations. With Portutax, individuals with ties to Portugal can have peace of mind knowing that their tax reporting is in good hands.

Portutax acts as a bridge between international clients and the Portuguese tax system, keeping clients informed about any legal changes that may impact their fiscal obligations. Our team ensures that clients are well-informed and compliant with the latest regulations, providing peace of mind and professional support.

Portutax provides a comprehensive range of services beyond tax return submission, including tax planning, financial consulting, and assistance with compliance issues. Our trusted fiscal representatives are dedicated to ensuring our clients' peace of mind by offering personalized support and expertise in all areas of fiscal management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

Portutax assesses clients' positions by thoroughly reviewing their financial records and understanding their business operations. We then provide tailored advice to ensure efficient operation within the Portuguese tax system while maintaining compliance with all regulations and requirements. Our team of experienced fiscal representatives ensures that our clients are well-informed and guided through the complexities of the Portuguese tax system.

Portutax excels in clear and effective communication by offering English-speaking representatives who are proficient in the language. They prioritize transparent discussions with clients to ensure all information is communicated accurately and clearly. Our team at Portutax is dedicated to providing a seamless experience for our English-speaking clients.

Many of our clients have praised Portutax for their expertise and efficiency in navigating the complexities of Portuguese tax regulations. From expats to international businesses, our team has consistently provided successful solutions and peace of mind. Check out our testimonials to see how we've helped clients achieve their financial goals in Portugal.

Portutax offers competitive annual fees for our fiscal representation services, which include a free initial consultation to assess your needs. Our ongoing support includes regular updates on tax laws and regulations, as well as assistance with any tax-related inquiries you may have.

Clients who appoint Portutax as their tax representative in Portugal benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of local tax laws, personalized attention to their tax needs, and efficient handling of all fiscal obligations, providing them with peace of mind and compliance assurance.