Property Rental Income Tax Returns in Portugal

If you receive income from a rental property, you must submit the appropriate documentation to the Portuguese Tax Office. Missing the submission deadline or including incorrect documentation can result in a fine or other penalties.

We recommend you to appoint a Fiscal Representative to do these on your behalf. Speak to us about our Fiscal Rep services.

At Portutax, we specialise in making the process as simple as possible and provide straightforward tax advice in Portugal.

Whether you are a resident or non-resident in Portugal, we will advise you on the correct procedure for the submission of rental income tax returns. We work with you and prepare your annual rental income tax return and liaise directly with the tax department on your behalf. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are paying the correct amount of tax for your rental income and are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Property Rental Income Tax guidelines for residents

For over 20 years, our English-speaking tax experts have built close relationships with relevant tax departments ensuring they have up-to-the-minute, accurate knowledge of Portugal’s fiscal requirements.

Trust Portutax to deliver accurate, professional financial services that provides value and peace of mind.

Property Rental Income Tax guidelines for non-residents

If you are a non-resident in Portugal, you will be charged the flat rate of 28% which must be deduced from your gross rent through your letting agent. Maintenance and Municipal Property Tax (IMI) should be deducted from your rental income with the correct documentation.

If you are a UK resident, you will also pay tax in the UK so you are able to offset the tax paid in Portugal to avoid paying double taxation fees.

Relax, trust Portutax.

Portutax can be your Fiscal Representative and your link to the Portuguese Tax Office. We submit all your tax returns on your behalf and update you on your liabilities clearly and in English.