Fiscal Representation Service

Any non-residents individual or company outside of the European Union owning property, holding a bank account or carrying out any commercial activity within Portugal must appoint a Fiscal Representative.

As fiscal experts, we will act as the connection between yourself and the Tax Department on all matters related to property and/or individual tax. We will handle all of the complex compliance requirements and regulations on your behalf in the most professional, practical and accurate way.

Fiscal Representation Services in Portugal

  • Assurance that your tax matters are covered 

  • Guarantee of full compliance on all tax requirements

  • Access up- to-date knowledge of legislation changes and updates

  • Experienced and highly knowledgeable experts on hand whenever you need it

  • Avoidance of any non-compliance penalties or charges from the Tax Department

  • Safeguarding of your property ownership

  • Peace of mind when out of the country 

We will act as the connection between yourself and the Tax Department

Don’t miss the deadline

Remember, you must appoint a Fiscal Representative no later than 30 June 2022.


It is essential for non-resident individuals or companies from outside the European Union to appoint a Fiscal Representative in Portugal as it is a legal requirement for tax purposes. The Fiscal Representative acts as a liaison between the non-resident and the Portuguese tax authorities, ensuring compliance with local tax laws. Additionally, having a Fiscal Representative can help facilitate the smooth handling of tax matters and ensure that any obligations are met in a timely manner.

Portutax serves as the intermediary between clients and the Tax Department by providing expert guidance and representation. Our team ensures that property and individual tax matters are accurately addressed and resolved on behalf of our clients. We effectively communicate and negotiate with the Tax Department to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Portutax handles complex compliance requirements and regulations related to VAT, customs duties, and fiscal representation for non-resident companies operating in Portugal. We ensure that our clients are fully compliant with Portuguese tax laws and regulations, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. Our team of trusted fiscal representatives stays up-to-date with any legislative changes to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Portutax assures clients that their team of experienced fiscal representatives will handle all tax matters with utmost care and in full compliance with requirements. They provide personalized and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring peace of mind and a smooth tax process. With Portutax, clients can trust that their fiscal needs are in good hands.

Clients benefit from expert guidance and advice on complex tax matters, peace of mind knowing their taxes are being handled accurately and efficiently, and the ability to focus on their business while leaving tax-related concerns to the professionals at Portutax.

Portutax helps clients avoid non-compliance penalties by ensuring that their fiscal representation is in line with all legal requirements and deadlines set by the Tax Department. By providing accurate and timely submission of tax returns and other fiscal obligations, Portutax helps clients stay on top of their fiscal responsibilities and avoid any potential penalties or charges. Our team of trusted fiscal representatives in Portugal is dedicated to guiding clients through the complex fiscal landscape and ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Portutax's Fiscal Representation Service ensures compliance with Portuguese tax regulations, protects the property owner's interests, and facilitates communication with tax authorities on behalf of non-resident clients, providing peace of mind and security for property ownership in Portugal.

The process of appointing Portutax as a Fiscal Representative involves submitting the necessary documentation and completing a power of attorney. Clients benefit from our expertise in Portuguese tax laws, personalized assistance with tax compliance, and representation in dealings with the tax authorities.